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Original 100% Pork Jerky

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We took everything that you love about jerky and made it with 100% premium cuts of pork. The unique sweet and soft pieces of our Original Pork Jerky will be your new protein-packed snack. This flavor is the one I keep on hand for all the "Mom, I'm hungry!" moments.

Crooked Creek Farm Pork Jerky is for people who like jerky that is moist and easy to chew. Our jerky is made with 100% USDA pork from American hogs.

Features And Details

Crooked Creek Farm Original Pork Jerky 2.75 oz bag 

          • No Added MSG*
          • No Added Hormones
          • Antibiotic Free
          • No Growth Promotants
          • High Protein Snack
          • Always vegetarian fed and crate-free
          • USA raised and crafted, as food should be
          • Certified "YUMMY"

The Perfect "Mom, I'm hungry" Snack.

You can take Crooked Creek Farm Pork Jerky anywhere for a high protein snack. This is not your run-of-the-mill jerky, or that hand full of nuts you grab on the go. This is 100% full flavored high-quality pork jerky. It doesn't need to be refrigerated until it's open. That is if you don't finish the bag first.

Crooked Creek Farm Pork Jerky keeps you and your family satisfied with a healthy on the go snack.



* other than naturally found in celery 


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