Finding the Perfect Gift



Have you ever struggled to find the perfect gift? It can be frustrating trying to figure it out what to buy certain people.


Thankfully, there is a better gift. Through trial and error, we have developed a pork jerky that is softer and tastier than other jerkies out there.

Being a mom means life is busy, especially around the holidays. Running around looking for the best gifts always makes me hungry. The snacks I used to reach for were full of sugar and not much else. That was not going to get me through my busy days with my girls or my shopping trips.  Now I have a snack that will keep me satisfied and has less sugar and more protein. When the girls want a bite, I feel good about giving them some pork jerky because I can read all the ingredient on the package.



This is from one of our mom customers, Tina Schreiber: “This jerky is the best jerky I have ever had. I can eat a whole bag in one sitting and not feel bad that I just ate something that was full of chemicals. In fact, it tastes great and is full of protein that helps me through my day. That’s if I can get the bag away from my teenage daughter and her friends.”


Want to give this new pork jerky for the perfect gift. Check out our flavors HERE….

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